Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Work: Repetitive Crosses Baptism

There's nothing better than a repetitive pattern. Perhaps it's my OCD, but lines, patterns, angles, shapes and repetition kinda do it for me. What seems like a forever ago (May 2010), I designed and printed an interlocking repetitive cross baptism invitation for my godson. Fast forward to 2012 and his mom asked me to do the invitations for his beautiful little sister's baptism. She's a repetitive pattern freak too, apparently. We wanted to incorporate the baby's photograph, but rather than have it mounted on the invite, we decided that printing it on vellum and wrapping it around the invitation would be a unique presentation. This technique would also be a great idea for birth announcements or a photo Christmas card. Gah - look at that face!

Vellum photo off

Vellum photo on


  1. These are so beautiful! The color combo is mind blowing!


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  2. One of my favorites, Jules! Probably also because the subject matter is so darn cute ;) Loving the photo vellum idea. Think you're on to something...