Friday, September 14, 2012

Recent Work: Our New House Announcement!

Today I'm sharing my most recent project, which is probably one of my favorites ever. Why you ask? a) I got to hand sketch a house - which I LOVE doing since my occupation in another life was being an architect, I'm sure, and b) It's our own new home announcement for the house my husband and I purchased right before we left for Greece. It's a sweet little 1930's Spanish-style bungalow just minutes from the beach. We'll be remodeling and expanding in the near future, so more construction projects to blog about. I'll keep you posted...

Here's the house:

And our announcements!


  1. Julie, I love these! The grey and teal are awesome and your house is so adorable!

  2. Thanks Jackie! Not sure that you can tell in the photos but I got the teal to match our shutters almost perfectly. Now that's skill :)

  3. Congrats! What a cute home, and announcements to match. The pictures of them reminded me of something I always wonder - what do you do with all the doilies that your relatives crochet for you (this is huge in Greece, right? LOL). I have SO many of them stored away (because they really don't go with the more transitional look of our decor), but I wish I could find a cool way to incorporate them so I can see them every day (because I have such fond memories of the women who made them for me).

  4. Thank you! Sadly I don't keep mine out either. Just for photo shoots as props I guess at this point.