Thursday, June 14, 2012

House In A Box

If you've been following along with our adventures in building our house in Greece, then you'll know that between everyone in my immediate family, we've been collecting furniture, artwork, and anything else you can think of that goes into a house. Or a box. But especially a shipping container. Long ago we decided that purchasing all the home decor and accessories from the States and shipping it to Greece would be the way to go. I can't confirm or dispute that this was the best decision quite yet since we won't know how everything makes it on the other side of the Atlantic (knock on wood), but I would like to share with you the next step in this whole crazy adventure.

Last weekend, my husband and I drove up to San Francisco with a car load of stuff we've acquired for the house over the last few months, and added it to the pile of goodies stored in my parents garage. We had to pull a permit from the city where my parents live so that we could park a forty foot shipping container on a flat street close to their house.

We spent the whole weekend moving boxes and furniture into the container, but the craziest thing we moved was a 20 foot boat. And not just any boat. This boat's trailer was a measly one inch too wide to fit into the container, so my engineer dad literally had to jury rig temporary, and much narrower, wheels so that everything fit into the shipping container.

Moving it from the street, onto a flat bed tow truck, and pushing it onto the container was a total nail biter and there were a few moments when I had a minor heart attack - but in the end everything was packaged safe and sound. See ya in 31 days - stuff!


  1. You put a boat into a shipping container and (soon) a shipping container onto a ship??? It's like a Turducken!!

  2. Ha! Yes totally - Lindsey Benner? :)