Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's been a while since I've blogged about the house because, well, it's done for the most part! The major construction is pretty much finished, and now it's all about the details. Below are a few of the latest photos we've received from my family in Greece.

As a side note too - in a few weeks, my family and I will be loading up a garage + a storage unit FULL of furniture, art, and the like into a 40 foot shipping container. This container will then make the month-long voyage half way across the world to Greece. In July my parents and I will meet the container in Athens, truck it across Greece, load it on a short ferry ride and unload and install in Kefalonia!! I'll have more details on that mid-June. Until then...

Poppies and wild flowers are in full bloom

 Bedroom cabinetry installed - check!

Painted railings - check!
Fully tiled pool - check!
Lower money suck (I mean retaining walls) built - check!
Drive way being leveled out

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