Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Building a house - In Greece: Part XV

New photos, new website, new social media pages (Twitter + Facebook) and finally a name - Villa Ersi. For those of you who have been following the progress of the house my family is building in Greece, you may be asking, "Seriously, you named your house? Uh, why?" During the months we won't be in Kefalonia, this home will be a single-family vacation rental property. The name will be referenced as such when speaking to potential guests and tourists. Since the website won't be fully launched until the summer/fall, I encourage you to like and follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter, and of course I'll keep posting to this blog as well.

Kefalonia has rich roots in Greek mythology, and it's been suggested that ancient Kefalonia was actually the Homeric Ithica, the home of Odysseus. Who knows. In any case, we did want to dig into the mythology of Kefalonia and give our home a name with meaning. According to Greek mythology, Kefalonia was named after the mythical hero, Kefalos - the son of Hermes (the messenger of the gods), and Ersi. Thus, we like to think of Ersi as the "mother" of our beloved island, and her name fitting for our home.

Onto some exciting updates!

Granite kitchen countertops were installed to complement the gray cabinetry. 

Fixtures are being installed in the bathrooms
Mosaic stone is laid across the pool deck
The infinity pool is being prepped for tiles

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