Monday, March 5, 2012

Building a house - In Greece: Part XIV

The weather in Greece has been pretty chilly and rainy lately, so posts have been sparse as things have slowed down a bit. We are making progress though, and construction is still on schedule. Currently the kitchen countertops are being installed and natural stone is being laid around the pool level in the back yard. Since I won't have photos of this for a while, I figured I'd update you with what's going on inside.

We decided long ago that the smartest thing would be to purchase everything from the U.S. and ship it to Greece at once in a container. As my sister Eugenia describes it: "Imagine trying to furnish an entire house down to the toilet paper, having to get it right the very first time, and not being able to go back to the store for forgotten items." Yea, that pretty much sums it up.

We've been accumulating furniture, kitchen tools, pillows, rugs, and decor for the last few months. My parents' garage is starting to look like a garage sale (an enviable garage sale at that.) You may have seen our interview with Pinterest back in October that highlighted the boards my sister and I share. After we purchase a new item, we pin it. If we see something we covet, we discuss it and then - we pin it.

We're far from being finished, but you can see what we've been purchasing lately here.

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