Monday, January 9, 2012

Recent Work: MCM Inspired Engagement Party Invitations

Sometimes you just have to push yourself creatively, so that after many versions of the same invitation you come up with something totally different than what you expected, and nothing close to what you've ever done. Well, these engagement party invitations led me down that path. A friend asked me to design and print invitations for a couple whose engagement party she and some friends were throwing (how sweet, right?).

Here's the kicker - the bride is a design writer for some of my favorite magazines, and the groom is an incredibly talented illustrator. Yea - no pressure.

After seeing some photos of their home, and learning about which artists creatively influence them, I had a much better sense of their style. Mid century modern fonts, color palettes, and folk art were seen throughout, so in that direction I went.

Also, unless you're a printer, you may not notice some things. The large floods of ink in the color boxes were tricky to get just right. In general letterpress does not do well with large floors of color. Thin lines and type is really more of its thing. I had to strike a balance between having enough ink on the press to thoroughly cover the printing area, but not have too much that it would start to creep onto the knocked out writing. In the end it worked out perfectly.

Additionally we created a guest book for people sign using an extra large Moleskine kraft notebook. 

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