Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Work: Damask Double-Sided Business Cards

Week - where did you go?! I have been so busy with custom orders and developing/printing new designs that I think my head is going to spin right off. Hopefully it doesn't, because next week I'll be in Salt Lake City for the Altitude Design Summit. Remember when I went last year? Talking about design, looking at design, and talking some more about design. Yea, that's definitely my thing.

Double-sided business cards 
Business card front
Business card back
I digress. Today I want to share with you some double-sided business cards I printed for the talented event planner and designer, Catrina Maria Designs. She had an existing business card design that matched her website branding, so I tweaked it slightly for letterpress. I think the results are beautiful, and I love the color combo she chose.

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