Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alt Summit Recap

Last year I was a good little student at Alt. I took notes, lots of pictures, and participated in extracurricular activies, such as Sundance and snowboarding the amazing SLC slopes. This year my experience was quick and dirty. I attended with my colleague, and we were there for a short three days, and two nights. I took only Instagram pictures, partied it up both nights, and took half-a-page of notes.

What I did get from Alt, and what has proven to be the most beneficial part of attending such a conference, are the new friendships and connections with some of the most inspiring individuals in our industry. We work within such a small creative niche, and it's great to be reminded of those who contribute and inspire. Everyone's not only creative in their own craft (whether it be letterpress, illustrating, interior design, etc) - but they've also mastered another skill in writing and collaborating through blogging - and I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of this.

L to R: Wine and sushi; Packed session; Gifts from Cargoh at lunch; Mid-session breakdancer; Emily Henderson giving style tips (love her!); White night outfits; Snow decor; White night; Late night crew (Laure Joliet, me, Haily Zaki, Morgan Statterfield, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Jacey Duprie)

L to R: The Grand America; Laure and her fascinator; Breakfast; Huge Twitter jumbo screen; Lunch; Dessert; Ben, founder of Pinterest giving me and my sis a shoutout during his keynote speech (ahhh!); Outfit; Going home


  1. Hi.. Great recap. It was so amazing (and I love that I am on the twitter feed on the screen shot!) Great blog and I'll be back :-) !

  2. Ok that's funny! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Love. Let's meet up soon! x