Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Building a house - In Greece: Part IX

Did you see our interview on Pinterest yesterday? My sister and I are still super excited about it and had so much fun! Big news on the Kefalonia home front - my dad left for Greece last week and he's now in Kefalonia making some final decisions. Last time I posted, the house was looking pretty complete - but today we have - WINDOWS! Finally.

Looking out from the kitchen

Choosing them was a bit of drama, so I'm relieved they're installed. Originally we had wanted aluminum windows. They're all weather proof and last forever, but because we're in the traditional village, we later found out that they have to be made of wood - of course, right? Not only does wood need more care, but they're also a lot more expensive. In the end, I think we're actually very happy with wooden frame windows. They're so much more beautiful, and the way they treat the wood nowadays makes them pretty resilient to the elements.

My dad standing in front of what will be my parents' bedroom - isn't he so cute?!

Now that my dad is in Kefalonia, he's finalizing interior paint colors, kitchen details, crown molding, and a whole other list of to-dos. Here are more images of the progress we're making. At this rate the house will probably be done before Christmas (here's hoping anyway :)

Crown molding detailing

Looking outside from the living room

View from the front

The front door

Bathroom tile installed

This tile will be laid out throughout the house in all bedrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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