Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving a Letterpress

Two weeks ago we bought a new press for the studio, a 10x15 Chandler & Price, which needs quite a bit of love, elbow grease, and a few new parts. Over the weekend my husband and I went back to the International Printing Museum to start cleaning it up. Here's a video of the press being moved to a more suitable cleaning area. Nail biting huh?

Basically we just need to get the grime, grease, and stale ink off the press. After looking at the serial number again, I discovered that the press was manufactured in 1926, making it 85 years old - a young thing when you compare her to my 1887 Golding Pearl. Here are more photos of the cleaning process a la Instagram. We'll be back next weekend to finish cleaning it up, so I suppose you can consider these the before photos.

Initial power washing to get the easy-to-remove crap off

Look at my left thigh. I was FILTHY. But had fun. 

Calling it a day

This is probably the worst of it

Turns out the feed boards are pretty tore up. I'm having new ones made.

Right before we left for the day, the museum director found a set of Greek upper case type, and gave it to me to play around with. Score!


  1. That press is a BEAST. Can't wait to see what you pull from it once you get it going!

  2. It is. I'm looking forward to it too!