Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer in Greece: Part One of Two

I'm definitely hitting my annual post-Greece-depression state of being. This happens every time I leave Greece, and usually subsides once it starts to get cold and summer has come to an end. Then the countdown begins to next summer when we do it all over again. Luckily I have my photos to pine over when I'm feeling homesick, so I'd like to share a few of them with you.

We spent most of our time in Kefalonia, the island that my father is from. We worked on the house in the mornings, went to the beach in the afternoon when the stores closed for siesta, spent dinners in the evenings with the fam, and when we felt up to it - we partied a few nights out on the town with our friends, which by the way, never ended before 4am. We also spent some time in Athens with my in-laws, and in between, my husband and I took a quick one-night getaway to the island of Ithaca - just a stone's throw away from Kefalonia.

Tomorrow I'll have a few more photos to share...

1. Our house in Kefalonia 2. My galaktoboureko birthday cake 3. Poros, Kefalonia 4. Sami, Kefalonia 5. Rooms for rent 6. Having fun on the beach 7. Ferry boat docking 8. Ferry boat 9. My husband in Ithaca 10. Amazing Greek beer, Fix 11. Ithaca sunset 


  1. aaaw I feel you Julie! feeling the same here :( Your pics are lovely, glad you had a nice time! and... let the countdown begin! xo

  2. Oh wow! Julie, these photos are fantastic! I was lucky enough to visit Greece twice - but there's so much I still haven't seen - for instance, I didn't get to go to Kefalonia, but after seeing these photos, I so want to go!! Glad to see you had a wonderful trip there :)