Thursday, August 25, 2011

Building a house - In Greece: Part VII

I'm back! It's been a rough few last days with the time change and jet lag, but I'm super excited to update you all with news and photos on the house. As soon as we got off the ferry in Kefalonia, we all drove as a family directly to the construction site to see the house in person. Even though we've been working on the construction of this house since last October, none of us had actually seen it in person. We relied on family there and the architect to take photos of the house, and oversee the construction in our absence.

To be honest, as we were pulling up, I started to get nervous - as if I were meeting someone for the first time. Once we saw the house, it was definitely an emotional moment for all of us, especially for my dad. We've all been working so closely on making this a reality, and it was that pinnacle moment where we literally met the house we all felt like we already knew. It was beautiful.

Below are some images I snapped of the house. When we got there, the framing was up, the roof and tiles were on, the outside baseboards were up, then the fiberglass exterior, and the part of the stucco over that. Inside some of the insulation and drywall were installed.

1. House with stucco 2. House with fiberglass 3. Infinity pool and view

1. Interior view of first and second floor 2. Staircase connecting first and second floors 
3. My dad and husband measuring out for the closets. Drywall up.

1 + 2. View of the back of the house. Family members on the balcony of room two. 
3. Staircase leading down to the garage. 4. My mom and sister testing out the pool - sorta :)

I'll be sharing photos of our trip in general, and some of the materials we selected for the house in consecutive posts next week. 

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