Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer in Greece

Happy Friday everyone! We're 13 days away from our trip to Greece, and as per my usual vacation preparations, I've left all shopping to the last minute. I hate clothes shopping. I love clothes - hate shopping for them. Luckily I have my awesome sister who occasionally buys me pieces she knows I'll like (or I'll just borrow stuff from her closet and then "forget" to return them), but if I had buckets of money I'd hire a personal shopper. It sounds silly and frivolous, I know, but getting me to the mall is like pulling teeth. Ick.

I could spend my days in Greece with these six items and be fully content. What would you pack on your beach vacation?


  1. we are 21 days away, cant wait! love your picks Julie! LOVE everything especially the dress, bag and bikini!

  2. Hi Julie! I just came over from Helena's blog. I'm leaving for Greece this Thursday (6 more days). I also live in S. Cal (Pasadena area). Lovely letterpress! I'll have to remember you for the next occassion that we need invitations!