Monday, July 18, 2011


My husband and lived in this home for almost nine months without art over the couch, and it drove me bananas. I would walk into the room and the massive wall behind the couch stared me in the face begging to be dressed. Then, right before we had our huge party a few weeks ago, I freaked out and scoured the internet from Etsy to 20x200 for some affordable artwork. Unfortunately I came up short.

I decided to make my own art. I wanted to take an image of someplace special to my husband and I (Kefalonia - duh) and turn it into a canvas. He really wanted a painting, but with no time to spare I decided to apply some Photoshop skillz to a photograph I had taken in Kefalonia a few years ago at Avithos beach, one of the beaches that's closest to the new house. The cutout effect made it really abstract and artsy, and the colors of the sea really popped like I wanted them to in that space.

Because I was in a super rush (like 4 days) I found the Canvas Shop, an awesome canvas company in Downtown LA, that produced it very quickly at an affordable price, and they even met me on a Sunday so that I could pick it up in time for the party that evening. Yay them!

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