Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're getting Pretty!

There are lots of things moving and changing around here. You may remember when the blog got a huge make over back in September? Well, Kerry, of the talented Paper Dahlia, and I have been at it again designing a fabulous new website for Cartoules PRESS. Yep, we got a name make over too; which means new business cards, business stationery, website, and blog URLs. Don't worry your pretty little heads though, because should you type in the old blog or website addresses, you'll automatically be redirected to the new ones. I must have had the foresight when I created the Twitter account  Actually CartoulesLetterpress was just too long of a handle, so the Twitter handle stays the same: CartoulesPress. Facebook on the other hand won't let me change my business page name, so that stays as is.

This Monday, JUNE 13th I'll be officially launching the new website so for now sit tight, and check back then.

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