Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent Work: Map Wedding Invitation

I absolutely love it every time I receive a bilingual wedding invitation order, especially the Greek/English couples because this is the main reason I started Cartoules. When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I would've liked to have found someone who was comfortable with doing bilingual invitations, and who could take control of the process from start to finish. So that's when I went out on my own and started Cartoules with the intention of helping other brides who had the same needs as we did when planning our destination wedding.

Despina had wanted to include a map on her wedding invitation. She wanted to illustrate the point that her husband was coming all the way from Greece to marry her and be together. We took the idea a step further by adding a post marked stamp and the blue and red airmail colors to give it that travelled theme. 

Also - these invitations were featured yesterday on Wedding Type, so check them out over there!

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  1. Great card indeed, where could I buy it online? Thanks