Friday, May 27, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Biking Around

I live one block from the beach (pictured above), and one block from the quaint shopping, bars and restaurants neighborhood of Long Beach called Belmont Shore. I usually try to fit in a daily two to three mile run, walk to and from the local grocery store, and make an effort to use my car as little as possible. 

This exercise/effort to live better, as it were, would be much easier if I had a man-powered mode of transportation - ya I'm thinking of getting a bike. Not just any bike. Not a beach cruiser. Not a mountain bike. I want an I'mgoingtopretendlikeI'mAudreyTatouinAmelie kind of 1920's French vintage inspired bike. 

Here's what I'm coveting at the moment. Oh, and have a GREAT memorial day weekend holiday. Spend it outside. On a bike. If you have one. I don't. Yet. 


  1. I've been online bike shopping for weeks and finally narrowed down my choices to the Public Mixte 8, Linus Mixte 8, and the Viva Juliett 7. Please tell me why you chose the Linus over the Public? Aesthetically the Linus is hands down over the Public and I finally realized it was the handle bars, but the Public has those slightly better made touches with bolts, chain guard, and welding.

  2. I was looking at the Public Mixte as well. The Linus only has 3 gears, and that's all I needed. I also think it looks better than the Public. Not having the chain guard doesn't bother me, so I wouldn't make my decision off of that. Ultimately for me it came down to what was available immediately. I saw the Linus in a local shop and was able to purchase it on the spot. Hope this helps!