Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lovely Weekend + Happy New Year!

I hope that you're all enjoying this holiday season as much as I am. My husband and I spent Christmas in Southern California for the first time since I've lived here (as opposed to being in San Francisco, where I'm from), and we had my family spend the week with us. I really enjoyed the rain, the dinners, the lively discussions and movie nights with them - because living 400 miles away from them means that I'm always missing them terribly. I honestly feel so lucky to have had this time with them to reflect on this past year and unplug - well sort of unplug, I still can't seem to get away from Twitter.

I couldn't have asked for a better 2010. I learned so much about myself, running my business, balancing my work and life, and finding the beauty in the little things that inspire me everyday. I'm really looking forward to making 2011 an even more successful and exciting year, and I wish you all the same. Please have a happy and safe new year's celebration, and I'll now leave you with this:

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