Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the love of Coffee + Design

Coffee + design are two of my favorite things. I drink one while I peruse the blogs of the other. They're two of my guilty pleasures, so when I saw the awesomeness of Seattle's Best Coffee holiday cup designs this year, I felt inspired to pay closer attention to what other coffee brands were doing. After visiting a few coffee houses, here's what I found:

Besides being damn good coffee, its holiday cup design is also my favorite. I absolutely love the simple, retro color palette, and swooning over the jingle bells and holiday foliage. Ps. Their website design rocks too.

Exhibit 2: Starbucks

Good ol' Starbucks. There's always one around when you need a cup of Joe, and they definitely got into the holiday spirit, with snow and the like. Still, not my favorite.  

The next two kinda bug because while they both offer fantastic coffee, they fell short when it came to holiday cup designs. Like they didn't really do them. 

What can I say, at least they can reuse them for 4th of July. 

Exhibit 4: Peet's Coffee

Peet's uses its sleeve to promote giving coffee for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, but really? Nothing to note here.

To be honest, I thought more coffee brands would get into the holiday cup spirit, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe next year. Have you seen any great designs?

Photo credit: Cartoules Letterpress

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