Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project: Breakfast Nook

My husband and I moved into our new home probably faster than almost anyone has moved. After five days of living here, we were fully settled, things unpacked and put away, had my parents and sister stay the weekend with us, and throw a dinner party for 15 people. Crazy right? The one area of our new home that's still unfinished is the breakfast nook.

While we were moving and unpacking, it was the perfect, "throw all the empty boxes here" room since it was out of our way, but now I'm embarrassed to say it has a plastic fold out table where our microwave, coffee maker and toaster oven sit (there is zero counter space in our 1920s kitchen). I've thought about turning it into my home office, but then didn't want to separate my office from the letterpress studio, which is already quite big. Then we thought to turn it into a pantry, but everything ended up fitting in our ample kitchen cabinets. Finally, I decided that it will be used for what it's always been intended for: a breakfast nook - er, slash place to store extra appliances since we ran out of room. It's big enough for both!

I'll post images when it's done, but here's what's currently inspiring me for this space:

And here's what I'd like to put in it:

UPDATE: 1:44PM 11/17/10
Some of you have asked to see the space as it is now, so here you go. Any insight, thoughts, ideas, sarcastic remarks are welcomed. 

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  1. Could you post a picture of the actual nook? Should help me in my brainstorming for you :)