Monday, September 27, 2010

LA Printers Fair

Over the weekend I attended the 2nd annual Los Angeles Printers Fair hosted by the International Printing Museum in Carson, California. Being that this was where I took my first letterpress class, and where my adventure with letterpress began, I didn't want to miss it. Visiting the museum is always a treat on any given weekend, and the fair was a great event to celebrate the art of paper and print. 

There were a number of letterpress studios selling greeting cards and stationery, a whole lot of printing presses and metal and wood type for sale, and frequent printmaking demonstrations by the museum staff. I walked away with a snarky print from a Mano Press and some ink in tubes from the "Ink in Tubes" guy, Dave. It was great to see this event such a success, and if you're in Southern California, and love letterpress, you should make it out next year.  


  1. I'm so glad you could come to the Fair. I also bought a print from a mano press.

  2. He was so nice - I loved talking to him :)