Monday, June 7, 2010

Pin It Forward: What Home Means to Me

Today I'm very excited to once again be participating in an SFGirlByBay Blogger Mash-up: Pin It Forward. For those of you who are new here, my name is Julie, and I am the designer, letterpress printer, and owner of Cartoules Letterpress, a small design + letterpress shop based out of Long Beach, California. 

This time around, we bloggers have been asked to share with all of our lovely readers "what home means to us" using Pinterest, a free online service to pin and share collections of things we love from around the web. 

To me home is a familiar and safe place. It's with my family and friends. It's in San Francisco, in Greece, and in Los Angeles. It's by the sea, in the mountains and it's beautiful. It's food, entertainment, laughter, and love. If you go to my Pinterest board, you'll see the full collection of images, which visually explain where home is for me. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is where I grew up and lived for most of my adult life. The city is beautiful and full of history and life. Being in the city reminds me of 49ers games with my dad, nights out with girlfriends, or my first date with my husband. Even though I don't live in the Bay Area anymore, I still try to visit often, and it will always be my most favorite city in the United States.

Long Beach and Southern California is my new home. It's where my husband and I are creating a life together, and nothing beats the year-round beautiful weather and endless beaches. 

Kefalonia is the island where my father grew up in Greece, the magical land where I've spent my summers since I was very young, and my home away from home. I feel so strongly connected to this endearing little island because of the unforgettable memories I've created here with my family and friends.  

I LOVE to eat and entertain outdoors. I guess it reminds me of eating outside during summers in Greece, and there's something so romantic about dining in nature and engaging all of my senses. 

The kitchen is my favorite room in a house. I love walking into the aroma of food. It's inevitably the room where everyone winds up after a long evening of entertaining, so for me it's the heart of the home.

A home cooked Greek dinner and enjoying it with my friends and family IS home for me. 

An organized and colorful space of my own inspires me to be creative and work as I please.

Flowers and plants liven any living space and can take the most dreary room and make it something special. 

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Photo credits: go to my Pinterest board


  1. this is so beautiful! thanks so much for contributing such a great post. :)

  2. Such a fun collection. I'd love a frappe in Greece right now :D. Thanks for the beautiful board and for being part of pin-it-forward!

  3. Gorgeous post! So glad I found your blog via Pinterest!!

  4. Indeed, a fun and wonderful collection.

  5. What an awesome Pin it Forward post - now I'm getting stage fright for mine! ;-)

  6. Absolutely amazing and beautiful! I am so jealous of your summers in Greece. What a dreamy family tradition!

  7. Oh my goodness...what a stunning post. I love all of the images you collected, it's a work of art!

    I too have part of my heart in San Francisco - my brother lives there. Also, I live in southern California. Two things we have in common :) I wish you every happiness in your new location...

    Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog in this way.


  8. Love the pictures of Greece and the crafty space especially, but all of them are so carefully picked out!