Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Beach Antique Market

I think I just discovered my favorite thing to do in town - and that is attend the monthly Long Beach Antique Market. I'm not much of an antiques scavenger, but since my husband and I have discussed moving recently, I've had house on the brain, and this is the perfect place to find one of a kind pieces. 

Held on the third Sunday of every month, this antiques market has over 800 dealers and over 20 acres of collectables. I think I walked most of it, but then started getting really dehydrated and hungry, so I had to make myself leave. I only walked away with a skeleton key (for my sister to use in her jewelry making), a succulent, and a spatula to mix inks - I obviously had to restrain myself from buying the collection of vintage cameras and the mid-century modern buffet I had my eye on. Perhaps next month :) 

Here are some photos I snapped along the way (please excuse the iphone photography).

So excited to go in!

Old typewriter - with its own case and everything. 

There were some great pieces here

Beautiful antique bottles from the 1920's

Old board games


Succulent plants of every kind. I always have to buy one when I walk by.

Antique sewing machine. 
I have one similar to this at my parents house - I must take it back. 

Lovely pastel colored children's chairs. If I had a kid I would buy the lot.

For the avid Santa collector - what the?!

Wooden crates, I love!

This guy had a collection of everything - the skeleton keys were my favs.

I really want to start a collection of vintage cameras, I've always loved cameras. 

Freaky ass dolls. 

That's it! Next time I'm going with the intention of making some real purchases, but I was happy to go and get a feel of the market. Do any of you go to antique markets, and if so, is there anything really unique you've made with these old treasures? Keys, bottles, etc.?

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