Thursday, May 13, 2010

Studio Space

Ever since my husband and I discussed moving out of our condo and into a house, I started thinking about what this would mean for me and a new Cartoules studio space - more on the thinking part later. I currently run Cartoules out of our guest bedroom/my studio, since my husband and I live on the top floor of a high-rise condo. Not ideal, but I'm lucky that I do have this extra space, though carpet + paint = not such a great idea. Now that I'm on this subject though, I figured that I'd give you all a bit of background and tour. 

The gem of my studio is my antique 1887 Golding & Co. Pearl press - known lovingly as Margaritari (which means pearl in Greek). This 800 pound cast-iron beauty was a great find (read more about it in a previous post - The Story of a Pearl). I bought it, and my guillotine paper cutter, from a retired printer who had it as a showpiece in his living room. He was such a sweet old man, but his wife couldn't wait to get rid of it, so when I bought it she was thrilled. I can't say I didn't feel her frustration - but lucky for me she had her way. 

I don't know much about the paper cutter other than it didn't really work very well when I first bought it. My husband and I had to clean it and remove the blade to be sharpened, as it had been sitting under a tarp in the man's backyard for who knows how long.

I tacked a roll of cork to the wall to showcase some of my favorite pieces. Included is the first piece I ever printed in my letterpress class and the last piece that the man who sold me the press printed before I bought it.

My bookcase is a great piece from IKEA, which is super useful in helping me organize my papers, inks and tools.

I purchased this greeting card holder to display my greeting cards at the Downtown Art Walk I showed in last month. It's great in not only showcasing my greeting cards, but having a place to store them.

So this is it! It's my space to create, design, and be inspired. I'm working on a blog post for the near future to show you insight into what my absolute dream studio would look like. Hopefully very soon I'll be blogging about a new studio, in a new space.

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  1. I always love to see people's studios...especially clever home studios since I design and print out my home studio, too! Letterpress is my very favorite! Wish I had a press!

    Happy printing!