Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crafty Godmother

Over the weekend, my husband and I were honored to become godparents to a beautiful little boy - the son of two great friends of ours. In our family, baptisms are very special and traditional celebrations of life. They are done with great meaning and each element to the baptism is very special. From the oil used, to the witness pins, candles, and favors, as a godmother I had the responsibility and pleasure of providing each element - and I had a blast creating and crafting each piece. The baby's mother chose blue and orange as the color scheme, which I loved as a unique and different color palate. 

You may remember this from my Recent Work. It's the invitation I created and printed for our godson's baptism

I reupholstered and decorated the box which kept all the baby's baptism things. 
It reads "George" in Greek.

Top of the box


Small candles

Witness Pins

Witness pins

Large candle

I can't take credit for the centerpieces, but they were stunning! 

Baptism favor: Jordan almonds. This was a collaborative effort by the baby's mother and our close friends. We all got together one night and made about 100 of them!

**All photo credit (except for the first image, which I took) goes to the talented photographer, Susan Whitney, who I know and personally love all of her work. 

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