Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Margaritari's Busy New Life

Life working with Margaritari and Marie Antoinette, my guillotine paper cutter - morbid I know, has been blissful since they both serendipitously entered into my life. I've been able to work on some fantastic projects in the last few weeks and am loving the impression that I'm getting from the Pearl. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

I worked with Meagan, an interior architect and designer, on these lovely business cards. She wanted a geometric pattern to draw attention, and a simple layout of her text and information. I can't wait to see what great things she herself is working on once her website is up and running!

Mia had contacted me a while back about a unique gift she wanted me to create for her mother who was receiving a promotion. We decided on these note cards as a personal touch for her mother's written correspondence. 

I've been wanting to create Greek stationery cards for my family and friends, as the current selection I've seen is bland and so 1985 - to put it nicely. The following is a baptism greeting card that roughly translates as, "may your child live" a saying that is commonly said to the parents of a newly baptized child in the Greek Orthodox church. In the coming weeks I will also be printing this same card in pink for girls as well as other Greek and English greeting cards for special occasions. 

My sister-in-law is going to become a godparent soon, along with her husband and son, and they asked me to create an invitation that would incorporate a photograph of the child as well. I printed the text, and glued the image of the little boy to the other side of the card. Stavros is such a cutie! 

The ribbon that you see below is going to be part of the witness pins that are traditionally given out to the guests who attend the baptism. Stavros' parents wanted the colors to match throughout the theme of the baptism, so this is as close as I got to hand mixing and matching the inks. This part of letterpress, and even painting I suppose, is one I'm still trying to master. A Pantone color formula guide would've really come in handy - but I'm proud that I got there through trial and error. It only took all night. 

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