Friday, February 19, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Happy Friday! I've been slacking I know. I have had to put some projects on hold - but I'm going to post more next week - fun things in the pipeline. Let this hold you over for now :)

Hanging fish from Hotel Galini, Santorini, Greece. Photographer: My husband. Makes me miss Greece.

Some links I stumbled upon this week for your weekend reading pleasure...
  • Every Greek yiayia's dream business. Why didn't I think of reknit.
  • An Etsy alternative for handmade goodness - So Chic Gifts
  • Looking for funky journals? Check out Scout Books
  • Blog It Forward - If you are unfamiliar with this fantastic blogger mash up - then check it out! So many inspirational bloggers, my head spins with excitement.  I'm going to be blogging my inspirations on March 3rd, so tune in!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the links Julie. So Chic Gifts is a lovely gift store which I have bookmarked for the future. It is refreshing to find a lovely gift store in Canada without having to go stateside.