Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog It Forward

UPDATE 02.07.10:
If you're interested to know which bloggers are participating, please check this list of 300 bloggers!
And you can read my post about "what inspires me" on March 3rd.

Badge created by: Ez of Creature Comforts

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be participating in the "Blog It Forward" mash-up. All bloggers large and small should participate. Read below for more info:

From Victoria of SFGirlByBay:

you may have seen our creative stream of consciousness on twitter the other night, and the birth of the ‘blog it forward’ mashup! if you’d like to participate, please email me via the blog here and i will send you all the details and get you signed up. here’s a few brief details of what we’re up to:

• we’re going to share a connected stream of blogger posts on ‘what inspires us the most’ on our individual blogs, but link back & forward to the other blogs participating, a bit like a chain letter (but, hopefully a lot less annoying!).

• feel free to repost this on your own blog & tweet about it, and link back to this post url or a link to my email info, so people can get the details, how to participate, the theme, and how to contact me. we’re giving everyone a due date to sign-up via an email to me by end of this week, friday, february 5th.

• i’ll then make a list of bloggers who want to participate (perhaps alphabetically) and post it on monday, february 8th, and everyone will see when their post is due, and the order of the mashup. we will post one day at a time, starting with mine and move on to the next blog, and then the next — you get the idea.

- i’ll then post the first mashup on wednesday, february 10th. and from there, i’ll link to the next blog and that blogger will post on thursday, feb 11th, and then she’ll link back to me, and then to the next blog on the list who will post on friday, february 12th and link back to her (we’ll skip weekends since they are slow) and so on and so forth.

- again, if interested in joining in, drop me an email and i’ll send you detailed instructions. thanks – this should be a fun collaboration!

Thanks Victoria, I look forward to it!


  1. Hello -- I just came over from Print Specs and saw that we are in the same "blog it forward" group. I'm just a couple days behind you on 3/11.

  2. It's such a great idea, I'm glad this was put together. I look forward to reading all the postings and find some new creative blogs!