Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I want" Wednesday

Happy Wednesday readers! I'm going to be featuring a list of "wants" every Wednesday to get everyone, including myself, through the week. Some of the things I feature will be items that I really DO want (like my "wants" today), and others will be cool, funky things I've stumbled upon and think you might be interested in. Some will be letterpress/design focused, others not so much.

::Golding Pearl Letterpress::

Photo Credit: Collectors Weekly

This is at the very most top of the list my friends. The Golding Pearl is a floor model, foot-treadle platten press that was manufactured from 1869-1927. That makes any Pearl still in existence at least 83 years old! It's the perfect press for me since we are living in on the fourth floor of a high-rise condo and space is somewhat limited. Sure I would love an
8x12 Chandler & Price, but those things weigh over 1,000 pounds. I've been looking every-single-day for the last month or so on Craigslist, Ebay, and Briar Press with no luck. I equate finding one of these to finding the perfect used car (maybe because my husband is looking for one). You can scour the internet for weeks, and only when the time is right, the perfect one will present itself to you. I'm still waiting for that day...

::Brother P-Touch 1090::

Photo Credit:

Damn you Martha Stewart and your brilliant ideas. Those of you, as I, who are fans of Martha will know that she labels EVERYTHING. From bins, to cereal boxes, Martha finds many uses for her Brother P-Touch. As I was quickly amassing all of my fun tools and papers for Cartoules I had everything neatly organized in piles on the floor of our guest bedroom and needed to get my s--t in order, pardon my French. I bought some great boxes from IKEA and quickly got myself organized (I believe that everything has a place -- I'm kinda anal when it comes to organization). But when it came to separating my Crane Lettra from my tympan paper, I had to print labels on my computer. Not fun. I bet having one of these would've made life easier :)

::Slim-Fitted 686 Snowboarding Pants::

Photo Credit: Altrec

These would look so cute with my 686 snowboarding jacket! If you read my post from a few days ago you'd know that I was away in Lake Tahoe over the weekend with friends on a snowboarding trip. It was fabulous... the rain unfortunately wreaked havoc on Southern California, but it did absolute wonders for Lake Tahoe -- the BEST snow conditions I've experienced in a really long time. The problem? My gear. I finally got a new super warm jacket from my husband, and new snowboarding boots from my parents last year for Christmas. As for the rest of my stuff: an eight-year-old snowboard and bindings I got from a friend (after she'd been riding it for 3 years), crappy gloves, and pants that make my bum wet after sitting in the snow for 5 minutes. While the board is old and has many war wounds, it's a fighter and still takes me on a great ride. The gloves, whatever - I can deal. The pants have got to go. Not only do they not keep moisture out, but they make me look like a marshmallow. Enough I say. Time for new pants.

Thanks for reading, and tune in next week for more "I want" Wednesdays :)

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