Monday, January 25, 2010

Hot off the press on a cold and rainy day

This post is a little overdue since I fled the rains of Southern California and ran to the snows of the Sierras for a little ski trip -- but I feel that sharing this story is quite fitting to showcase Cartoules' latest creation. Last week Long Beach received over eight inches of rain, which was obviously much too much for the flat, near-sea-level city of ours to handle. The consistent rain clogged storm drains and waterlogged the ground leading the water to rise. These are some pictures of our street. We suffered no personal damage (thankfully!)::

Since the weather was so terrible outside, it was the perfect day for me to stay inside and letterpress! The unusual weather inspired the color palette I chose for some "thank you," and "happy birthday" cards that I'd been wanting to create for a while. The blue and yellow somehow reflected the marriage of rain and sun. Looking at them together made me feel especially happy on such an unusual day.

Perhaps these cards will make someone you love feel happy too::

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