Monday, January 18, 2010

The Greek Font Society

Image Source: Greek Font Society

As I sit here designing my new line of greeting cards in Greek, to be printed later this month :-), I think about what inspired me to embark on this extraordinary journey. One of the main reasons I started Cartoules was to fill a unique void I felt existed in my small, niche Greek-American community. In my quest to find a stationer, let alone a letterpress shop, to design and print my wedding invitations in both Greek and English, I was disappointed to discover that no such service existed for Greek-Americans such as myself.

Sure I found some Greek-language greeting cards and the like being sold in online stores, but all were lacking fresh and modern designs. Instead I noticed frequent themes of tacky roses, illustrated fairies, and photographs of little puppies on birthday cards. Not exactly what I had in mind! While I love to create stationery and invitation suites for my clients in English, my love of typography and the Greek language is truly expressed through the Greek language projects I have the pleasure to work on.

After digging around the internet for Greek fonts I could purchase to use in my projects (real Greek language fonts not stupid, fraternity, Greek-looking typography) I stumbled upon the Εταιρεία Ελληνικών Τυπογραφικών Στοιχείων or, the Greek Font Society. This non-profit organization was formed in 1992 with the intent of contributing to the research of Greek typography and the preservation and revival of long-forgotten historical Greek typefaces.

The Greek language, dating back 3,400 years and one of the oldest recorded living languages, is that of classical ancient Greek literature and the original written language of the New Testament. With such a rich history, both written and oral, the Greek language and its various typographies should be preserved and revered. I salute the artists and designers who keep the Greek Font Society alive and hope to see great things from this organization in the future.

For more information, you can check them out here.

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