Monday, January 4, 2010

Adventures in Letterpress

Welcome everyone to the Cartoules Letterpress blog! Here I hope to write about my experiences on a hopefully regular basis as I live this thing day-to-day. Cartoules was unofficially created right around the time I got engaged to my wonderful husband, as I was determined to be the ultimate DIY bride.

I felt it silly to spend money paying others to create my invitations and other wedding materials when I knew I would love to do it myself. The problem? I had been ogling over letterpressed paper stationery goods for years and desperately wanted this beautiful artwork to be the first impression our guests experienced of our wedding... yet I had no clue where to begin.

That's when I learned of letterpress classes being offered at the International Printing Museum in Carson, California. The Pressing Letters article on my wedding blog, Live Here Wed There, goes into greater detail about my experience, but to make a long story short my instructor at the museum ended up being a great teacher to me and helped me letterpress my whole wedding suite: all five pieces multiplied by the 220 total invitation suites I needed to send out for our wedding. My experience designing, drawing, proofing, editing, inking, mixing, and even cleaning inspired me to do this as a full time hobby, and so here we are today.

I was always that little girl who had Elmers glue stuck to her fingers and was knee-deep in construction paper most of my childhood days. I love projects, and I still do! While I don't have a degree in graphic design, but rather hold a Master's degree in public relations, creating and designing is what I love to do most. Cartoules has turned into a side business for now, but is mostly a place where I can allow my creative juices to flow. I hope you enjoy reading on and visit us at!

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